Mammoth Cave


STATE: Kentucky




Mammoth Cave National Park is a limestone area in Kentucky in which tunnels have been carved by water. The cave system is incredibly stable due to its rock composition of Mississippi sandstone. All cave systems are dry thanks to stronger layers of rock that prevent water from entering.


The aim of this park is to protect a unique underground world, which would be damaged by any change in the surrounding terrain. The park protects a unique place in the world where the gaps can be huge where erosion has had more effect or where the rock was more fragile less where this process was slowed down by various natural factors.


The caves have no fauna or flora as they are carved out of the rock, but the ground above them has some special shrimps that live in the river that helped carve these rocks. The surface is covered by a wooded area. The park may seem immense but this is not true.


There are many tours to choose from to visit the caves and reservations are required in advance. Without a tour, it is not possible to visit the caves for safety reasons, but it is possible to walk through the woods on the surface.

Created by Filippo Novelli