Grand Canyon


STATE: Arizona

EXTENSION: 4,927 Kmq



The Grand Canyon is a gorge some 446 kilometres long, up to 1,857 metres deep, and ranging in width from 500 metres to 29 kilometres created by the Colorado River in Arizona, much of it included in the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the first national parks in the United States of America: almost two billion years of the Earth's history have emerged thanks to the action of the river and its tributaries, which have eroded the rocks very slowly over millions of years.


The park protects this monument built by nature that was erected by the Colorado River, every day the canyon gets deeper and over hundreds of years we will begin to notice the difference. Every point in the canyon is characteristic and original.


The Grand Canyon has no special flora, but the fauna is surprising, the animals have adapted to survive this steep terrain and variable climate. There are bighorn goats, poisonous scorpions and deadly spiders, predatory birds, coyotes, elk, bats and ring-tailed cats.


At Grand Canyon National Park it is possible to hike to the bed of the Colorado River that carved the canyon but this would take two days of hiking with an overnight stay in one of the small lodges on the banks of the Colorado.

Created by Filippo Novelli